Post Apocalyptic Disney Princesses at Torucon 2014 

This is just a few of the amazing girls we had in our group!

Jasmine - Batbunny Cosplay
Merida - Studio Eevia
Pocahontas - Eirin
Aurora - Timeforlemontea
Snow White - Blitzhellion Cosplay
Mulan - Ramona
Ariel - Starbit Cosplay
Elsa - Santatory


"The wise man is like a blacksmith’s anvil on which many experiences
are hammered out without change to the anvil itself.”

~ Hindu proverb

We may therefore admit quite cheerfully that Magick is as mysterious as mathematics, as empirical as poetry, as uncertain as golf, and as dependent on the personal equation as Love.

That is no reason why we should not study, practice and enjoy it; for it is a Science in exactly the same sense as biology; it is no less an Art that Sculpture; and it is a Sport as much as Mountaineering…

…Magick takes every thought and act for its apparatus; it has the Universe for its Library and its Laboratory; all Nature is its Subject; and its Game, free from close seasons and protective restrictions, always abounds in infinite variety, being all that exists.

Aleister Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice. (via holy-mountaineering)
Having to talk destroys the symphony of silence.
 Aleister Crowley (via feellng)
Every one interprets everything in terms of his own experience. If you say anything which does not touch a precisely similar spot in another man’s brain, he either misunderstands you, or doesn’t understand you at all.
Aleister Crowley (via eyesaremosaics)


Part Time Jobs

Created by Chow Hon Lam

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The Marvel Art of Joe Madureira


Quicksilver (Ultimate Comics Ultimates #29) 
by Michael Komarck


Quicksilver (Ultimate Comics Ultimates #29) 

by Michael Komarck